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21 Century Products Limited is an Australian public company founded in 2007. It trades as the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials.  The Company is a full member of the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

21 Century Products Limited is established by scientists and owned by scientists who seek cutting-edge innovation. The Company utilises researchers knowledge and provides advanced research activities with international collaboration between universities and scientific groups, and operates through a wide network of prominent scientist and engineers. 


The directors of 21 Century Products Limited are selected from the international scientific community.  The Directors have administration experience in managing substantial research funds and external affiliations to important university, corporate and government structures.  The Directors bring international connections and technical expertise and competence to manage a commercial business.

Dr Benedict de St. Amatus

Dr Benedict de St. Amatus is is the Founder and the Standing Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company..  He is a Reader of the Australian Research Council and an active researcher in Process, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who authored and co-authored more than 70 scientific manuscripts.  Dr de St. Amatus is a recipient of multiple university and ARC research grants reaching to date more than $740,000 in total and a former ARC/CSIRO postdoctoral fellow.  He has participated in the development of the fuel delivering system of the Olympic Torch and Community Cauldron for the Sydney-2000 Olympic Games, which received EA Team Engineering Excellence Award.  Dr de St. Amatus is an ex-State Councillor of the Australian National Party in Victoria.

Prof. Anumakonda Jagadeesh

Prof. Anumakonda Jagadeesh is a distinguished scientist and a business manager.  He obtained his Doctorate degree in Wind Energy from the prestigious University of Roorkee.  Prof. Jagadeesh founded “Nayudamma Centre for Development Alternatives” in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh in 1994, which has been acting as a think tank in promoting energy and environment programs and projects.  He has held important positions in Indian government and universities, such as a director of the Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre, a Vice President of the Subhash Projects and Marketing Ltd, and currently as a Head of the Centre for Energy and Sustainable Resources, R.M.K. Engineering College in Tamil Nadu.  He has membership in several international and government bodies in India including DNES (Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources).  Prof. Jagadeesh’s pioneering work won him several international and national awards including the prestigious “Margaret Noble Foundation, Seattle” award for research in energy.  He is a member of the UN “Foundation for Sustainable Energy for All”, which is based in Washington DC.

Mrs Lilia Stamatova, MSc

Mrs Lilia Stamatova is the Secretary of the Company.  She holds two Master’s degrees – one in Chemical Technology and one in Chemical Engineering.  She is an experienced researcher, working previously at the University of Adelaide and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  Mrs Stamatova has scientific publications in the fields of renewable energy, laser diagnostic techniques and combustion.  She has an extended experience in economy and finances.


The Company gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a Skills and Knowledge grant (Project Reference Number CAU06314) from the Commonwealth of Australia represented by its Department of Industry for obtaining expert advice and services to assist in the commercialisation process of a novel laser flow visualisation technique for imaging of flow around stationary and moving objects in aerospace, engineering & medical applications.


2007 – The Company was registered in Melbourne, Australia on 07.07.2007.

2007 – The Company’s founder received $250,000 award by the Australian Research Council.

2007 – The Company signed its first international contract in Germany for development of an automated system for control over the motion of multiple autonomous self-propelled objects (mining trucks).

2008 – Completion of the project for development of the automated transportation system.  The Company developed and successfully tested an original photo-triangulation technique for real-time adaptable control over the motion of multiple autonomous self-propelled objects (e.g. mining trucks).

2008 – Development and first laboratory tests of a novel technique for Digital Particle Streak Velocimetry (DPSV).

2008 – Development and laboratory tests of an original electrical fire-preventing and energy-saving switch (EFES) with additional levels of automated control.

2009 – The Company organised the 2009 International Conference on Chemical, Mechanical and Materials Engineering and published the conference proceedings.

2010 – The Company’s trade mark Sciensmart® was registered.

2010 – The Company published the 2009 Research Bulletin of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials.

2011 – The Company published the 2010 Research Bulletin and Vol. 1 of the 2011 Research Bulletin of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials.

2011 – The Company launched 12 workshops for intensive professional development of engineers.

2012 – The Company published the 2011 Research Bulletin of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials Vol. 2.

2012 – The Company started developing a prototype of an electronic device for real-time precise measurements of energy consumed by humans.

2012 – The Company designed original projectiles with elongated underwater effective range for rifle-bored small arms and ordnance for targeting deep underwater objects.

2013 – The Company started developing a novel method for creation of plasma zones of high velocity and pressure to allow soft cracking of the rock beds of oil and coal seam gas wells.

2014 – The Company started developing an original acoustic warning system for vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

2014 – The Company received a Skills & Knowledge award from the Ministry of Industry of Australia for commercialisation of the novel technique for Digital Particle Streak Velocimetry (DPSV).

2015 - The Company Compliance Listing on the Australian Small Securities Offering Board (ASSOB) has commenced.

2015Innovation Australia has approved the registration of the R&D activities of the Company for 2013/14 and 2014/15 Income Years, allowing the Company to claim 45% refundable tax offset under the government R&D Tax Incentive Program.

2016 – The Company has been awarded a full membership at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast - the Queensland leading hub for entrepreneurship.


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