Our Company:

Our company is established by scientists and owned by scientists who seek cutting-edge innovation. The company utilises researchers knowledge and provides advanced research activities with international collaboration between universities and scientific groups, and operates through a wide network of prominent scientist and engineers. 

Our Founder:

Dr Benedict de St. Amatus

Dr Benedict de St. Amatus is the founder of the Company..  He is a Reader of the Australian Research Council and an active researcher in Process, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, who authored and co-authored more than 70 scientific manuscripts.  Dr de St. Amatus is a recipient of multiple university and ARC research grants reaching to date more than $740,000 in total and a former ARC/CSIRO postdoctoral fellow.  He has participated in the development of the fuel delivering system of the Olympic Torch and Community Cauldron for the Sydney-2000 Olympic Games, which received EA Team Engineering Excellence Award.  Dr de St. Amatus is an ex-State Councillor of the Australian National Party in Victoria.


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